Fee Schedule

People seek the assistance of a professional genealogist for a variety of reasons:

  • To organize documents and photos
  • To help solve a difficult research question
  • To help complete a lineage society application
  • To write or edit a genealogy manuscript

Like most professional genealogists, Skeleton Key Genealogy charges an hourly rate for research and other work. Skeleton Key Genealogy makes no guarantee about finding the information a client may seek, and cannot foresee the time it will take to prove relationships or uncover the information a client is seeking. It is important to remember that you are paying the genealogist for her time and expertise.

My fee is $30 per hour, minimum 10 hours.

  • Copy costs range from .15 – $1.00 depending on the facility
  • Research fees range from $5 – $10 depending on the facility
  • Travel charges is ½ my hourly rate ($15 per hour) or call for negotiable rates

Lineage Papers (DAR, SAR, First Families of Pennsylvania) – $30 per hour, plus $10 for final application.

Deposit of $300 ($30 x 10 hours) required, to apply to number of hours you have requested. Further hours will be billed periodically at predetermined intervals. The client should set a maximum number of hours.

Please remember that with some custom research and record look-up investigations, there are some cases where my research may result in no documents being discovered.

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